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4 Major Reasons You Need a Walk-In Shower at Home – What to Know

For your next bathroom renovation, you can’t go wrong with a modern and contemporary look, which you will achieve by setting up a walk-in shower. With a walk-in shower as the main feature, your bathroom will be swoon-worthy. 

If you’re planning to incorporate this look, here are four primary reasons a walk-in shower might be the perfect fit for your home:

1. It gives you great flexibility in styling.

Walk-in showers have a streamlined look that’s easy to style. With the choice of having a full or partial glass enclosure, you can create different layers and dimensions to your bathroom. You can also customize your glass door in the shape and size you want. Many of the walk-in showers are square, rectangular, or hexagonal in shape. 

You can also choose the color and tinting of your glass. If you prefer more privacy, you can opt for darker tints. A darker shade will give your bathroom a dramatically edgy and modern look that will complement your style. For a softer look, you can also choose a light tint or transparent glass wherein you can add on some greyish or cream-colored accents around your bathroom to complete the look. 

2. It gives you the appearance of a larger, more spacious bathroom.

Whether your bathroom is bigger or smaller in terms of floor area, a walk-in shower can easily fit into any bathroom size. It is easy to layout a walk-in shower, even in smaller spaces, since it consists of minimal elements. It does not need a space-consuming stall, nor require bulky glass framing. The drainage involved will also be minimal, giving more space to the shower area.

There are different ways to make your walk-in closet look larger and more spacious. You can choose to apply a bright color scheme with either clear or softly tinted glass. Through this application, your bathroom will look neat and spacious.

3. It offers you better accessibility.

When you walk inside your shower, you simply enter and allow yourself to relax as you take a bath. There is no hassle or worry attached to a walk-in shower. It allows easy access for its users, which is a great feature, especially for older adults. As you grow old, you will have trouble even with simple tasks, such as getting into your bathtub. Without the hindrances of a curb to step over or a tub to jump in, a walk-in shower can significantly decrease the chances of falling.

4. It allows for easy cleaning.

Not only does a walk-in shower look clean, but it’s easy to clean as well. With a simple and minimalist layout, you will have no trouble cleaning your shower. Within the four corners of the walk-in shower, you will have fewer edges to scrub compared to a traditional shower or bathtub. In effect, this will decrease the chances of mold sticking to the usual shower doors and curtains.


A bathroom renovation requires proper styling with great consideration for space requirements and its corresponding functions. If you’re planning to have a renovation soon, make sure to consult with construction experts who can assure you with quality service. They will guide you with the perfect strategy in tackling your planned endeavor.

If you are looking for a bathroom remodeler in Ocean City, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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