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Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Roof

As the last snow melts, it is time for clearing up your home and neighborhood. From air vent to the patio, the yard to the garage, the list is quite big. As a result, the roof is often neglected. The roof undergoes the most strain due to snow during the entire winter. During heavy winter...
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How to Control Your Roof Replacement Costs

The roof withstands all kinds of weather conditions to keep you safe and sound. But after years of service, renovation or replacement of the roof is a must. While looking for a roof replacement contractor, you should look for someone providing expert roofing services within reasonable costs. Below are a few tips on controlling your...
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Things to Consider While Hiring a Roofing Contractor

If the floor is the foundation, then the roof is the shield of a house. Neglecting the roof can decrease its lifespan. Then comes the trouble of replacement or renovation. Maintaining your roof is a long term investment. You will always want it to be long-lasting and to add good resale value to your house....
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How to Create the Ideal, Functional Home Office

Working from home is the new normal worldwide given the pandemic situation. Surveys indicate that remote workers are happier and more enthusiastic than office-bound workers. But finding a comfortable spot in the home to sit with your laptop and multiple documents can be troublesome. So, now is the ideal time to create space for your...
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Power Wash South Jersey

Roof Cleaning Rituals to Enhance the Life of Your Roof

As a homeowner, you need to persistently maintain the internal as well as the external appearance of your house. Cleaning of your roof may sometimes be neglected, but is crucial for the overall well-being of your property. The climatic conditions of South Jersey often encourage the growth of algae on your roof. These algae grow...
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Hardwood Flooring Egg Harbor Township

Vinyl Flooring vs Laminate Flooring | The Complete Guide

What can be more economical than getting an enticing yet budget-friendly flooring for your home? Vinyl and Laminate floorings both are affordable, easy-to-care, and long-lasting options. Vinyl flooring material is 100% plastic whereas Laminate is 99% wood. So both of these bestow a pleasant flooring experience. But which one is better? Which one to choose?...
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Hardwood Flooring Absecon

Open Floor Plans

Tracing their origin to the 90’s, open floor plans have become a rage among homeowners for multiple reasons. Open floor plans usually involve a combination of the living room, dining room and kitchen combined into a single space. Open floor plans do not imply that all the rooms of a home are connected. Neither does...
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The Guide to Energy Efficient Window Replacement

Installing or replacing windows is an extremely important decision for homeowners. Energy loss through windows can make a difference of 5-30% in the total heating and cooling costs of a home. Therefore it is important to carefully evaluate your windows regularly for energy loss. It is also important to compare and evaluate the various window...
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Home Remodel Mays Landing

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling your home is an important decision. Hence it is strongly advisable to have a detailed discussion with the home remodeling contractor you plan to hire. Below is a list of some of the questions that should definitely be on your list to help make the process as smooth and hassle free as possible.   ...
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Getting Your Kitchen Cabinets Right During a Remodel

Cabinets are an extremely important feature of your kitchen. They not only have aesthetic value and enhance the beauty of your kitchen but also perform a valuable function. Kitchen cabinets usually account for a third of the kitchen remodeling costs. Below are some of the things to think about as you plan to remodel your...
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