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Bathroom Remodeling 101 – What to Know About Walk-In Tubs

From all the rooms that make up the house, bathrooms are one of if not the most used of them all. For some people, the majority of their time at home is spent relaxing, doing makeup, styling, showering, bathing, and refreshing themselves—all in the comfort of the bathroom. 

Although praised for its myriad of utilities, the bathroom isn’t always regarded as the safest place to be. With water hazards everywhere, the risk of injury and even fatality is higher than anywhere else in the house. That makes the bathtub one of the most dangerous fixtures to use.

For some people who aren’t in the best of conditions—handicapped, injured, and others alike—using a bathtub isn’t an easy matter. The high walls force them to climb to enter or exit the tub, putting us at risk of falling. If anyone at home is having difficulties utilizing a standard bathtub, you should consider installing a walk-in tub instead.

Walk-In Tubs

One of the most significant differences between a walk-in tub and a standard tub is that walk-in tubs have a door that can open and close to allow an individual to get inside it. This negates the need to climb over the tub’s walls. 

Another great feature with walk-in tubs is that they’re customizable, meaning that you can install one according to your preferences. Some people install walk-in tubs that allow for wheelchair transfers, while others install hand-bars, slip-resistant surfaces, wide doors, and more to enhance the use of the tub.

Affordability of Walk-In Tubs

Before you go out and get yourself a new walk-in tub, you must first consider the cost of one. In the past, walk-in tubs were considered a luxury and cost a fortune. Now, prices have dropped quite significantly, meaning that most people can afford one. 

Different tubs will have varying costs, depending on their features and brand. Other factors like your location and company will also affect the final cost. To give you an idea of how much a walk-in tub can cost, the cheapest goes for around $1,500. Prices can shoot up to $20,000 and way beyond if opting for more premium brands.

Benefits of using Walk-In Tubs

A soak in warm waters can be beneficial after a long day. It helps relieve stress and rejuvenates tired muscles and minds. Some walk-in tubs even offer ambient lighting and water jets, further enhancing the relaxation experience. Unfortunately for older folks, a time to relax in the bathtub may seem like a problem just because of how difficult it may be for them to climb into one. 

Walk-in tubs, on the other hand, are meant for those who have mobility issues and allows them easy access in and out of the tub whenever they please.

If anyone in your family needs a walk-in tub and can afford it, get one installed right away. Although it will take some home remodeling to get it implemented, it is worth the effort and money spent. Not only will you enhance your home’s value, but will make sure everyone is safe while enjoying their time using the bathrooms. 

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