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Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Roof

As the last snow melts, it is time for clearing up your home and neighborhood. From air vent to the patio, the yard to the garage, the list is quite big. As a result, the roof is often neglected. The roof undergoes the most strain due to snow during the entire winter. During heavy winter storms, tree branches or twigs get accumulated on your roof. Skipping the cleaning of your roof may lead to damage and lower its longevity. Just like the roof protects you from all kinds of weather situations, you need to protect your roof too. 

So here’s a spring checklist to guide you in cleaning your roof effectively.

1. Trim Tree Branches – Trees help shield your home from the sun’s heat. But long overhanging tree branches, when touches your shingles, may cause trouble. Branches scratch or rub against your roof tiles, damaging them. They may also damage the protective coatings of the shingles, causing leakage and various other problems. Occasional trimming of the overhanging tree limbs will help prevent this situation. 

2. Prevent Moss Growth – Moss grows due to moisture. Your roof may not always get the right amount of sunlight due to various weather conditions. So moisture content may increase on your roof encouraging moss growth. If not cleaned periodically, moss causes severe damage to your shingles. Chemical solutions may help to clean moss but it affects your surrounding adversely. Consulting an expert contractor is recommended.

3. Check for Algae, Mold, or Fungi – Algae, molds, and fungi cause extreme damage and degenerate the quality of the roofing materials. Algae often grow on your roof and leave ugly black stains. The more the time they stay on your roof, the more destruction they can cause. So killing them as soon as possible is the best solution. If their growth is spread to a much larger area, it is advisable to call a professional roof cleaning contractor. 

4. Cleaning Leaves and Twigs – Fallen leaves or twigs from nearby trees frequently get accumulated on your roof. If not swept away periodically, they get deposited in the gutter and leads to blockage. If the deposition persists, it causes the moisture to retain, resulting in leakage. Regular sweeping the roof is required to avoid this situation. 

5. Inspect Roof Flashings – It is important to check the roof for any cracks or damages. Especially after a cold winter as heaving snowfalls or storms may lead to damage. Expert help is recommended to inspect and repair these damages. 

6. Cleaning of Gutter – Last but not least, gutter cleaning is one of the most important steps in this spring roof cleaning checklist. As gutters are responsible for draining out water off the roof, they should always be kept clean. If not cleaned regularly, debris in the gutter leads to clogging. Which in turn results in roof leaks and foundation damage. Be sure to keep your gutter debris-free.

Keeping your roof clean will increase the curb appeal and reduce the cost of frequent repairing. MW Construction, the home remodeling contractor in the South Jersey area provides the best roof cleaning services. Cleaning your roof may not always be a DIY job. In case you need professional help, contact us for more details and estimates.

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