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Home Lifting – The Complete Guide

House raising (house lifting, house jacking, barn jacking, building jacking) is the process of separating a building from its foundation and temporarily raising it with hydraulic screw jacks. It is the process of lifting the foundation of the home to the desired elevation. Home lifting is a complex process and must be carried out by an experienced and licensed contractor who has specialized equipment. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about home lifting.

When do you need home lifting?

The following are the scenarios in which homeowners consider home lifting.

1. Bad Foundation
With time and due to extreme weather conditions, the foundation of a home can often become weak. Foundation problems like settling and uneven elements inside like door frames and walls are fairly common and require urgent attention. House lifting is the most effective way to protect the house from significant water damage and erosion and keeps the house dry.

2. Flood Risk
If you live in an area that is prone to floods, and your house is located very low in such an area, it is extremely imperative to raise the foundation to a level that your home is safe and protected. Floods can cause water collection and cause lasting damage to the foundation of your home.

3. Add Basement / Living Space
In several cases, house lifting may be done to replace your crawlspace with a basement or even add a level.

How does home lifting work?
The home lifting technology involves using a unified hydraulic jacking pump which synchronizes the pressure for equal lift creation for the entire house lifting. In such cases, there is little chance of damage to building or house as the house is lifted evenly and steadily. This elevation process will lift the whole structure and place it to a newly desired height which will be safe.

What does the cost of house lifting depend on?
The cost of house lifting usually depends on the square feet area of the home to be lifted, the condition of the foundation, the number of floors to be lifted, and the timelines of the project.

Can all types of homes be lifted?
In general, the larger the house and the more complex its design and shape, the more difficult it will be to lift on jacks. Multistory houses are more difficult to stabilize during the lifting process, and as the dimensions and weight of a house increase, so do the required numbers of jacks and other pieces of lifting equipment. Exterior wall coverings such as stucco and brick veneer complicate the lifting process because they must either be removed or braced so that they will stay in place when the house is lifted.

For more information on house lifting, you can refer to the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) house lifting guide.

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