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How to Maintain Your Roof to Enhance its Lifespan

The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the external environment – extreme weather, sunlight, bugs, etc. There are simple things that you can do to maintain your roof and enhance its lifespan. Below is a list of the most important things to keep in mind to minimize your roof repair or reinstallation costs. 

1. Inspect your roof often

It is strongly recommended that you inspect your roof often. Things to look out for include, lifting or missing shingles, damaged drip edges, missing or exposed fasteners, sagging or broken gutters, etc.. A faulty or damaged roof can accumulate moisture and cause further damage. Spotting roof damage early on can save you significant time and money later in roof repair. It is even better to get the inspection done by an experienced professional. 

2. Trim foliage and trees regularly

It is advisable to trim the tree branches and foliage regularly. Over a long period of time, tree branches and foliage can damage the roof shingles. Trimming trees is particularly important in case of heavy storms or hurricanes since the broken branches can come crashing into your roof and damage it.

3. Clean and maintain gutters

Gutters prevent water and debris from accumulating on your roof. Check and clean your gutters regularly to prevent dirt and debris from weighing down your roof. Sagging gutters can cause leaks and in turn damage your home.

4. Remove leaves and debris

Over time, roofs accumulate leaves and debris, particularly in windy weather conditions.  Leaving leaves and debris on the roof can cause retention of moisture and increase the weight on the roof. This increased pressure can cause structural damage to the roof. The moisture also supports the growth of molds and algae, which can do lasting damage to the roof shingles. 

5. Prevent moss, lichen, and algae

Growth of algae, moss, and lichen is not only visually unappealing but also does lasting damage to your roof. These can be easily removed by having a professional contractor clean your roof. You can also talk to your contractor about preventive coating materials that can be applied to your roof to keep the moss, algae, and lichen from growing back. 

6. Ensure your attic has good insulation

Ensuring proper insulation and ventilation prevents ice dams from forming. Without proper insulation, snow, and ice accumulated on your roof during winter will start to melt at the lowest layer, allowing the water to refreeze around your shingles. Proper insulation can guard against this by preventing the heat in your home from escaping through the roof. 

We hope this list will help you keep your roof in top-notch condition for a long time. Please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions for our list of dos and don’ts for maintaining a roof. We would be happy to incorporate your ideas. If you are planning to install a new roof, or want to repair your existing one, MW Construction can provide you with top-class services at a reasonable price irrespective of the size of your project. To get a free estimate to install or repair a roof in the South Jersey area, reach out to us.

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