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The Guide to Energy Efficient Window Replacement

Installing or replacing windows is an extremely important decision for homeowners. Energy loss through windows can make a difference of 5-30% in the total heating and cooling costs of a home. Therefore it is important to carefully evaluate your windows regularly for energy loss. It is also important to compare and evaluate the various window replacement options available for maximum overall savings. 

Why do I need energy efficient windows?

According to, air leaks around windows cause warm air to leak inside the home during the summer season and out of your home during the winters. The potential energy savings here can be in the range of 5% to 30%. Storm windows alone can reduce heat loss through windows by 25% to 50%. Energy efficient windows can not only add to the comfort of your home but also provide significant savings on your energy bill. 

How do I know if my windows are causing energy loss?

  • Increase in heating or cooling costs: If you notice a steady or sudden increase in your heating and cooling costs, it may be an indicator of heat loss through windows, doors, cracks and other openings.
  • Drafts on windows: Be on the lookout for drafts near your windows since they can also be an indicator of air leaks. 
  • Condensation on window: Condensation near your windows is generally caused by humidity but may also be a sign of air leaks. 
  • Excessive noise: Energy efficient windows absorb excessive noise from outside and prevent it from entering your home. If you hear excessive noise, it may be a sign of inefficient windows.
  • Difficulty opening and/or losing windows: If you face difficulty in opening or closing your windows, it may be an indicator that your window frames are worn out and are likely causing leaks. 

How do I select the right energy efficient windows?

Apart from the design, warranty and maintenance, energy use is an extremely important decision when selecting windows. 

Performance ratings for windows are issued by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and ENERGY STAR®️. The NFRC tests and certifies windows based on their energy performance ratings. Participation in the NFRC tests is optional for window manufacturers. 

ENERGY STAR, on the other hand, is a government program with stricter criteria as compared to the NFRC. While all ENERGY STAR®️–certified windows include the NFRC label, the reverse is not always the case. ENERGY STAR®️ windows are rated on certain parameters like U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient ratings.

Can I upgrade my existing windows to become more efficient?

If your windows are generally in good condition, there are a few things that can help you to improve their energy efficiency without having to completely replace the windows. This will not only help you to save on the window installation costs but also to improve the comfort of your home and reduce energy consumption. Adding a solar control film, caulk and weatherstrips, window treatments and coverings are all possible options. It is recommended that you speak with an experienced contractor to inspect your current windows and provide recommendations. 

MW Construction has considerable experience in installation of energy efficient windows. If you are looking for window replacement or installation, MW Construction can provide you with top-class services at a reasonable price irrespective of the size of your project. To get a free estimate for any window repair and replacement requirements in the South Jersey area, reach out to us.

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