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Top Rated Bathroom Renovation Services in Ocean City, NJ

Highly Rated Bathroom Renovation Services in Ocean City, NJ

A bathroom is a perfect place to start any renovation project due to its smaller size and shorter time for completion. We can enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom, while also adding value to your home. Our fully customized designs, outstanding customer service and incredible craftsmanship make us the top choice for all your bathroom renovation needs.

Our team of professional craftsmen are ready to turn your ideas into a reality. From small adjustments to a major bathroom overhaul, from transitional to contemporary designs, we’ll transform your current bathroom into a space that meets your vision and your needs.

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Whats Unique About Us


Expertise and experience

Bathroom remodeling has been our specialty for many years, and we have a team of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable.


Warranty and guarantees

We offer a warranty or guarantee on workmanship and/or materials to demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Competitive pricing

We offer fair and competitive pricing for bathroom remodeling for our customers in Ocean City, NJ who are looking for quality work at a reasonable price.



We emphasize a commitment to safety on the job site, follow industry best practices and provide appropriate safety equipment and training.


Quality materials

We use only the best quality bathroom remodeling materials and offer a variety of options to customers. Our relationships with leading suppliers can help you secure the materials at competitive rates. 


Customer service

We provide exceptional customer service, such as timely responses to inquiries and concerns, clear communication throughout the process, and a focus on customer satisfaction.


Why should I remodel my bathroom?

Take bathroom plumbing – over time, pipes may begin degrading, which could lead to water leaks, reduce your ability to use certain appliances, and lower water quality. Water fixtures can degrade as well – at least in terms of efficiency. Older showers and faucets do not always function as efficiently as they once did. Also, bathroom tiles can chip and begin to look worn, making the entire space look run down, no matter how much time you spend cleaning. If your bathroom storage doesn’t meet your standards, that can be reconciled as well during a remodel.

What types of bathroom renovation services does MW Construction provide?

MW Construction can handle almost all types of bathroom remodeling projects! From refurbishment to installation, we are your one-stop shop for home renovation, repair, and maintenance projects.

How long does a bathroom renovation typically take?

On average, a straightforward bathroom renovation can take anywhere from two to three weeks to complete. However, more extensive renovations or projects involving structural changes may require a longer timeline, ranging from four to six weeks or more. To get a more accurate estimate for your specific bathroom renovation, it is advisable to consult with a professional contractor.

What considerations should I keep in mind when selecting bathroom lighting?

When selecting bathroom lighting, there are several important considerations to keep in mind like functionality, moisture resistance, brightness and color temperature, fixture placement and size, style and aesthetics, energy efficiency, dimming and controls.

What factors contribute to the cost of a bathroom renovation?

Several factors contribute to bathroom renovation costs. Some key factors to consider are size and scope, design and customization, materials and fixtures, plumbing and electrical work, structural changes, labor and contractor fees, permits and regulations, unforeseen issues and timelines.

Hear about us from our Customers

  • I am a real estate photographer and have been shooting all of MW Construction refurbished homes for a few years now. One thing I can tell you is they just do it right. No cutting corners, and they have an amazing eye for detail. I always look forward to capturing their homes when they are ready to be put on the market.

    Thomas Lagler
  • Communication with Maciej was excellent. His professionalism and timeliness of the project completion was way above expectations. I would not hesitate to use MW construction again. Overall it was a very positive experience. Highly recommended!!

  • The level of service MW construction delivered was absolutely amazing. The owner Maciej was consistently responsive to any and all questions, concerns, and was a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely hire MW construction again for our next project.

  • Great customer service! MW Construction has done many projects for me over the past several years. Always complete their projects in a professional and timely manner. Quality workmanship and materials every time! Very knowledgeable and reliable.

  • Magic worked on a complete remodel of our newly purchased home in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. The thing I remember and love most about dealing with Magic is throughout the project, Magic was always straightforward, keeping me abreast of all relevant activities.