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Why You Should Think About Building a Deck in Winter

While most homeowners think winters may not be the ideal time to kick-start the deck building project that has long been on their mind, there are several advantages of building a deck during the winter season. Below are just some of the reasons why we recommend building your decks during the winter.

1. Beat the Spring Rush and Get a Discount

Most homeowners wait for springtime to start their outdoor renovation projects, making it an extremely busy time for contractors. Since winters are generally a lean time for contractors in general, there is a high likelihood that you will be able to kick start and complete your project well in time. There will be a much shorter wait time on the workmanship. In addition, you might be able to get an attractive discount on your project, saving on both the material and labor costs.

2. Your Deck will be Ready for Use by Springtime

If you start the construction of your deck in spring, it will be at least a few months until you can practically start using it. The ideal time of the year to enjoy your desk will likely be over by then. Starting your project in the winter season implies that your deck will be complete and ready for enjoyment by spring.

3. Seasoning the wood

Even when building composite decks, pressure-treated wood base and footers underlie the structure. Pressure-treated wood needs time to cure, and winter provides the best time for wood curing due to low-moisture air and indirect sunlight. A deck built in the spring or summer can be hit by full sun or absorb humidity, resulting in the “green,” uncured, wood becoming warped or cracked.

4. Fewer disruptions to the daily routine

Choosing winter construction results in less interference to your household and its backyard usage, as most people tend to spend more time indoors during the cold months anyway. You will also experience less stress on this year’s lawn, landscaping, and planted flower beds, as the project will be completed before spring gardening starts.

5. Better for Digging

Frozen ground or snow won’t stop a professional deck builder from progressing on your deck. The cold may help the digging process for the footings. Working on the hard ground instead of mud in spring can greatly help your decks foundation. There should also be less damage to the grass and other landscaping around the deck footings due to machinery.

MW Construction has the experience and expertise to work with you on your deck building or renovation project. We have offices in Northfield and Somers Point and service most of the South Jersey area. Contact us today for further details or estimates. We will also be happy to discuss with you some of our recent deck building projects.

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