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4 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Promise a High Return – What to Know

The kitchen is the center for good food and socialization. It is where people gather around to taste great dishes and share their experiences. After all, we love to talk and eat, don’t we? Because of this, the kitchen is one of the most often remodeled rooms of a home. However, not every remodeling idea pays off in the long run. Sure, it’ll make your kitchen look awesome, but some ideas won’t give you a great return in the sense that it will not help boost your home’s value. 

With that said, what kitchen remodeling ideas should you stick to that have a high return on investment? Here are four ideas you can check out:

1. Install Lighting

Often considered as unimportant, kitchen lighting plays a massive role in the overall aesthetic look and feel of the kitchen. Other than making sure that every design aspect of your kitchen is well-lit, proper lighting also helps create an atmosphere that’s welcoming and lively. 

The light fixture can help boost your kitchen’s looks. If you’re trying to achieve that bold and sleek kitchen look, recessed lighting can do it for you. If you want a fixture that acts as an attention grabber, opt for a pendant light that’s bold yet unassuming.

2. Replace Countertops

Among all the different countertop material choices you have, the one material that has stood the test of time is quartz. Timeless and beautiful, quartz is just the perfect countertop you can go for. Not only do they look elegant in any kitchen, but they’re durable, stronger than stone. 

The surface isn’t going to scratch, nor will anything penetrate through it. Quartz can take up any form as well, from a stone-look to fit a rustic kitchen to a concrete-like design to fit the modern home. On the downside, this countertop material can be costly, and you’ll need to do plenty of research to make sure the boost in home value is high enough to make the investment worth it.

3. Choose a Color Palette

Whether you stick with an all-white kitchen or opt for something vibrant or eye-catching, coloring the kitchen is one of the best investments you can ever make. Not only is this remodeling idea extremely cheap compared to some, but using the right colors can boost the “wow” factor of your kitchen, which in turn increases the value of your home. In other words, coloring your kitchen could be the most cost-effective remodeling activity.

4. Update the Cabinets

Cabinets make up the majority of your kitchen, and the last thing you want anyone to say about them is that they look old or outdated. Because of this, kitchen cabinets will be one of the highest priorities in any kitchen remodeling plan. 

Of course, updating your cabinets doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of them. Instead, merely painting a new coat of color over them can suffice. However, there are some cases where you’re much better off replacing them. Of course, doing that will cost a fortune, so most homeowners opt for refacing, which is applying a wood veneer, like a skin, on the cabinets. This way, a brand-new-cabinet look is achieved without actually having to do any replacing.

Remember, although these ideas can be the most cost-effective ones, the ones that will make the most significant impact on your home will differ. If you already have plenty of lighting, don’t add any more. If your cabinets are modern and sleek, you don’t have to touch them. In other words, do some research and find out which of these ideas will boost your kitchen’s appeal and enhance your property’s value in the most cost-effective manner.

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeler in Ocean City, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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