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Top 7 Energy Efficient Building Materials

An energy-efficient home has numerous benefits apart from significant savings in costs. Energy-efficient homes also aim to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable living space. If you are rebuilding some of your living spaces, you can consider some eco-friendly materials to enhance the energy efficiency of your home and make it stand out in your neighborhood.
Below is a list of some of the most commonly used and popular energy-efficient materials used by home-owners.

1. Earth

Since ancient times people have been creating their homes with earth. Rammed earth made houses are strong and durable, and CSIRO research proved them to be weather resistant. The thickness and density of the soil can protect you from adverse climates, and outside noise. It is one of the best building materials being both environment and health-friendly.

2. Recycled Steel

Research indicates that steel is one of the most commonly recycles materials on earth and two out of three tons of new steel is usually recycled from old steel. Steel structures can withstand the test of time because no other material comes close to steel in terms of durability. Steel provides strength that is much better than what we get from traditional building materials.

3. Cool Roof

It is well known that black absorbs heat and white reflects it. The cool roof uses this simple principle to keep your house cool, especially in warm climatic conditions. When the sunlight strikes the white roof surface 80% of it gets reflected, 10% heats the atmosphere, 8% gets absorbed by air and 1.5% heats the building.

4. Low E windows

Energy loss through windows can make a difference of 5-30% in the total heating and cooling costs of a home. Energy-efficient windows with thermal insulation properties can not only add to the comfort of your home but also provide significant savings on your energy bill. You can also check out our recent blog post about energy-efficient window replacement options.

5. Straw Bales

Straw, which is a by-product of grain has been used since medieval times as a building and bedding material. Straw can be an excellent insulation material and reduce the effects of extreme temperature on the home.

6. Vacuum Insulation Panels

A 1-inch panel provides seven times the traditional insulation with minimum heat loss. The structure is a silver rectangle with a core panel all enclosed by an airtight envelope.

7. Wood or plastic composite lumber

Normal wood structures are subjected to mold and rot. The wood or plastic composite lumber is manufactured using a 50-50 combination of plastic wastes and wood fibers making it mold-resistant and less toxic.

If you are considering a remodeling project, you can speak to your contractor about using any of these or other eco-friendly building materials.

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